What to Do If a Storm Damages Your Roof in Richardson

Aug 19, 2022Blog, Richardson, Storm Damage

Richardson is no stranger to chaotic and severe weather patterns, and residents know that a severe storm can wreak havoc on their roofs.  Do you know what to do, though, if your roof is damaged in a storm?

1. Check for Safety

The number one priority for everyone should always be safety.  Storms can damage your roof, but they can also create hazardous situations that can be extremely dangerous.  Before you go any farther, make sure your property is safe by checking for things like:

  • Broken gas lines
  • Downed power lines
  • Broken glass
  • Nails and other debris

2. Perform Self Assessment

Once you’re confident that your property is safe you can begin to perform a quick, self-assessment to take stock of the damage and feel confident in your next steps.

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Signs of Damage

While you’re giving your property a once over, you’ll want to look for specific signs of storm damage to your roof.  Some of the things to look for are:

  • Bent and broken shingles
  • Lifting or missing shingles
  • Missing granules
  • Granules in the downspouts
  • Dents and divots on shingles

Signs of Severe Weather

In addition to signs of damage to your roof, you’ll want to take note of any signs that the weather was severe enough to cause damage to the roof, even if you, yourself, can’t see the damage.  This will be important if you plan to speak to your insurance company.  Make a note of:

  • Local news reports of high winds in Richardson
  • Local news reports of hail sightings in Richardson
  • Displaced lawn furniture and trash cans
  • Damaged siding and gutters
  • Fallen tree branches and limbs

3. Catalog Observations

After you assess your property take some time to catalog these observations.  While this step isn’t strictly necessary, it can help streamline the process as you work with your local roofing contractor and your insurance company.  Write down all of the signs of damage you see, and take plenty of pictures of anything you think is relevant.

4. Schedule Roof Inspection

Even if you can’t personally see any damage, if you know the storm was severe call a trusted, local roofing company like J.L. Moore Construction to perform a thorough and professional inspection.  Expert eyes on the situation will ensure that nothing is missed and your roof will be appropriately cared for right out the gate.

5. Contact Insurance Company

If you’re planning to file an insurance claim, contact your insurance company promptly.  Time is of the essence when dealing with roof damage, so you won’t want to delay on this step.  Your insurance provider will likely send out an adjuster to inspect the proper and determine your coverage.  Be prepared when you call your insurance company by having the following information available:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Policy Number
  • Catalog of Damage
  • Questions or Concerns About Coverage

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6. Hire Local Roofing Contractor

You’ve determined that your roof was damaged in the most recent storm – now it’s time to hire a trusted, local Richardson roofing contractor like J.L. Moore Construction to help get your home put back together.  We can help guide you on the best decisions for your storm damage roof repairs in Richardson to make sure you’re getting exactly the care you need.

Did your roof incur damage in the most recent storms in Richardson?  Contact J.L. Moore Construction, today, to schedule a free inspection and see how we can help!